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Video: Singer Peter Corry is reunited with his favourite mic

Northern Ireland singing sensation has been reunited with his ‘best friend’, his microphone, just in time for Christmas.

His favourite microphone was sadly misplaced minutes after singing for royalty at Belfast City Hall on Saturday 28 November.

After Corry’s call out to his fans and the public on Face Book, Belfast City Council had another look for the famous microphone and remarkably it is now back in his hands.

Peter Corry said he will ‘not be letting it out of my sight.’

He added: “I’m quite superstitious, so I like to go on stage, I like to wear certain things and one of my superstitions is to go on stage with this.”

The singer feels more confident now about his annual Christmas spectacular ‘The Music Box’, at the Waterfront Hall from December 17 to December 19.

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