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Video: Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams calls for dissident republicans to 'go away'

Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams on Monday called on all dissident republican armed groups to 'go away'.

Speaking to the media outside the Sinn Fein offices on Belfast's Falls Road, he expressed sympathy to the family of Michael McGibbon - the 33-year-old taxi driver from Ardoyne who was murdered by dissident republicans 10 days ago.

"Given that we are now into an Assembly election I would call on every candidate from every party to make clear their attitudes to these groups.

"The big challenge for genuine republicans is to find ways to build relationships, end divisions, persuade unionists and ensure that the Irish government fulfils it's mandate and constitutional imperative to bring about the re-unification of this country," the Louth TD said.

Asked if it would be hard for members of communities to stand up to armed dissidents, Mr Adams admitted it would be difficult if it was only a few individuals who took that stand.

"I think Mrs McGibbon (Michael McGibbon's widow) spoke for everybody when she said that the communities are stronger than these groups.

"These groups don't have a toe-hold in these communities whatsoever."

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