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Video: Sports Awards 2014 - Steven Beacom urges sports fans to nominate their top sporting stars

Belfast Telegraph Sports Editor Steven Beacom urges sports fans, clubs, schools, governing bodies and sports bodies to nominate their top sporting stars for 2014 with the launch of the Belfast Telegraph Sports Awards. The awards, sponsored by Linwoods, honour Northern Ireland's top sporting achievers in both the amateur and professional arenas. One of our most popular Hall of Fame inductees, Jack Kyle, and 1996 Sports Star of the Year, Phillip McCallen, helped launch this year's awards programme alongside 2011 and 2013 Young Team of the Year winners, Lurgan College 1st XI girls hockey team, represented by Louise Murray and Chloe McCann The 2014 Awards are the 20th Belfast Telegraph Sports Awards and celebrate all that is great about Northern Ireland sport. Credit: Belfast Telegraph


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