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Video: Stepping back in time at Dalriada Festival

Visitors to this year's Dalriada Festival at Glenarm Castle were able to step back in time - to see what life was like in Northern Ireland a century ago.

Members of the historical re-enactment organisation, The Vintage Austin Register, not only brought along their cars - but recreated an authentic 1920s homestead.

Spokesman George Fulton explained: "This place was an old mill-house before it was later turned into a Sunday school.

"I got the opportunity of it, and knocked it down and re-built it into a homestead, like what you would've used to have seen years and years ago."

George said the club members had enjoyed their visit to the Dalriada Festival immensely.

"Sure the ladies looked great in all their period costume. We've had a ball - the sun was good, the weather was good and the show was good!" he added.

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