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Video: Strangford MP Jim Shannon says he’s “not worried” about Brexit legal challenge

The MP for Strangford and long-time brexiteer says he has faith that MP’s will respect the “very clear mandate” to leave the EU if called upon to vote.

I have to say I’m not worried because I think most of the MP’s accept that the people have spoken. There’s a mandate for it (Brexit), there’s a very clear mandate to leave the European Union.”

The DUP representative said he understood the importance to “acknowledge” the ongoing legal challenge to the referendum which will try to force parliament to vote on whether to evoke article 50.

Speaking to RT UK News he said “we are where we are and the governments got to take on the legal challenge. If they’re successful then article 50 goes ahead, if we’re not successful then we bring it to parliament.”

He remained optimistic about the prospects of Brexit claiming “I’ve always been confident that when we leave the EU, as we will do, that we will move forward and our economy will grow, our job opportunities will grow, our relationship with Europe will still be strong but in a different way.”

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