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Video: Tall Ships - Cisco Branco crew enjoying Belfast's party atmosphere after month at sea

Lieutenant Rodolfo Farias of the Brazilian Navy ship The Cisco Branco (White Swan) is delighted to be in Belfast.

He is one of the 65-strong crew of the 88.4 metre-long ship - one of the biggest Class A vessels on show at the Tall Ships Festival.

"It is a good moment for us to arrive in Belfast as we have been at sea for most of June, sailing here from The Azores. So it is good to be here in Belfast and enjoying this great atmosphere," he said.

Rodolfo said they were anticipating around 20,000 to come aboard the vessel while she is docked at Queen's Quay beside The Odyssey.

"Yesterday we had 7,500 on board - and as Friday and Saturday are always busier days - I think we will make that figure," he added.


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