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Video: Tears of joy as north Belfast neighbours save Polish family’s Christmas

A Polish family who faced having Christmas ruined after being burgled wept tears of joy as neighbours rallied round to save the festive celebrations. The Harkabuz household on Henderson Avenue in north Belfast were overjoyed by the festive spirit shown by neighbours who gave them gifts - including a cooked turkey. Kamil Spasowski, a close family friend of the Harkabuz family told us about their experience. He said: “It’s always very hard when you work hard to buy your stuff and it is taken away from you, they also took the front and back door keys, we are just grateful nothing bad happened. ” Kirsty Crawford (21), one of the neighbours took it upon herself to help as much as she could. Kirsty Crawford said: “I just wanted to help in anyway that I could, you would like to think if it happened to you, people would do the same, the whole family pulled together.” Credit: Belfast Telegraph


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