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Video: The black sheep of the family! Naughty Watson caught on CCTV destroying owners newly fixed car

A little black sheep was revealed to be the vandal that smashed in a car door less than a day after the vehicle returned from the panel beaters.

Fluffy pet named Watson was caught on camera repeatedly ramming his owner’s car door after she parked it in the yard.

Shocked owner Shiree Palmer posted footage of the ‘attack’ on Facebook, saying that: “I can’t believe it!! Watson attacked the left passenger door and has totally trashed it!!”

Watson, who lives with his family in Otaki in New Zealand, dented the passenger-side door of the Toyota a day after Ms Palmer had it repaired following a motor accident.

The fluffy one-year-old may have been attacking his reflection in the shiny car, she wrote on Facebook.

In the video, a white sheep stands in the shade below a nearby tree, watching as Watson slowly approaches the vehicle.

Staring at the door, the black sleep charges and hits it head on.

Shaking off the impact, he hits it several more times before staggering away.

The camera footage clearly shows Watson facing off against the rear passenger door of the Toyota.

According to the NZ Herald, Ms Palmer received this response from her insurance company when she showed them the footage.

"Thank you for your email. I'm sorry to see the damage Watson has caused to your car and I'm glad to see Watson has taken full responsibility of his actions.

"If you would like to lodge a claim for this event please let me know as I'm more than willing to guide you through this claim and exchange sheep stories."

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