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Video: The chase is on as Red Bull Foxhunt returns to Rostrevor

Red Bull Foxhunt will return to Rostrevor, Co Down this coming October. Hailed as one of Ireland’s most exhilarating downhill mountain biking events, the 4th edition of Red Bull Foxhunt will take place on the hills of Co Down between 8-9 October.

A challenging course, combining sections of existing downhill track with additional mountain and multi-terrain sections, Red Bull Foxhunt will begin atop Slieve Martin before descending through sections of trail, moorland and forest to the sprint finish in the grounds of Rostrevor’s Kilbroney Park.  The mountain biking event will feature over 400 bikers who will all try and beat the fox in a hunt with a difference.

From decorated pros to weekend warriors, the pack will tear down the three and a half miles of unforgiving downhill course encompassing wind bleached moorland, mud-spattered forests and hair-raising sprints, each adrenaline pumped biker tirelessly battling to cross the finish line before the advancing fox.

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