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Video: The Willis Clan enjoy their visit to Belfast

Popular Tennessee family The Willis Clan visited Belfast while on tour.

Brenda and Toby Willis have a rather large family with twelve children. They have their own TV show and they are all talented musicians and love to live life to the full.

Brenda said: “We love Belfast, we love all of Ireland, we really do. We love coming over and we love to sit in the pub and have a cup of tea, and visit with people.

 “There is just something, in our opinion, very magical about the society here and the culture, the music and the dancing and the hanging out. We are really trying not to be tourists anymore and be real people who can enjoy it.”

All of Brenda and Toby’s children name’s start with the letter J, ironically this was not planned at the beginning. There is Jessica, Jeremiah, Jennifer, Jeanette, Jamie, Jaeger, Jackson, Jedi, Jasmine, Juliette, Joy Ann and Jada.

Jeremiah said: “We mess the names up all the time, all the names start with J, and we literally will go through all the kids names and maybe some of the dogs names before we get to the right person.”

The Willis Clan are working on a new album and will find out in the coming weeks if they get the go-a-head for season three of their TV show on TLC, in the USA.

During their visit to Northern Ireland and Ireland the Willis Clan performed at Belfast City Hall on Wednesday night for the Lord Mayor’s dinner, part of Sister Cities project which strengthens sister city links and creates more educational, investment and cultural opportunities.

They will all perform in front of 80,000 people on Sunday 24 April at Croke Park, Dublin, their largest live performance to date.

For more information visit http://www.thewillisclan.com

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