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Video: Top tips for keeping pets happy and healthy over Christmas

While most of us love the festive season, for pet owners it can throw up some unique challenges and pitfalls.

Routines such as walking and feeding times, and many of the things we do regularly with our pets at certain times can go out the window when the festive season hits, which can be unsettling for pets.

There are also plenty of new ‘toys’ around the house that can actually be dangerous to our pets such as Christmas trees, Christmas tree decorations and even pine needles.

And that’s not to mention all the tasty Christmas treats which can be toxic to pets. And while many pet owners may be vigilant when it comes to what they feed their pets, many of our guests could end up feeding our pets things we don’t want them to have.

So how can you keep your pets happy and healthy over the festive season?

To find out more, watch Steve Backshall and vet Paul Manktelow for key advice.

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