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Video: Ulster Rugby's Tommy Bowe takes winterly dive from Dun Laoghaire Forty Foot

When the weather hits a balmy 7 degrees Celsius, you might not want to dive into nippy waters. That didn't stop Ulster rugby legend Tommy Bowe.

The Monaghan native leaped into the freezing waters twice from Dun Laoghaire Forty Foot this afternoon to promote Coca-Cola's designated driver campaign.

"It's something that back home my family would do a fair bit," said Tommy

"I was delighted to do it today. It's a bit of a Christmas tradition for a lot of people around the 40 foot and all around the country.

"My teeth are still chattering, but it was all good. I don't know if I'll put my hand up for it again at Christmas again," he joked.

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