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Video: Ulster Teachers' Union have fears over 'botched' introduction of new Education Bill

Northern Ireland’s biggest locally-based teaching union fears teachers are being marginalised by the ‘botched’ introduction of the new Education Bill currently awaiting royal assent. “The Bill will enable the establishment of the new Education Authority (EA) from April 2015 to replace the existing five Education and Library Boards, however, we believe it is undemocratic and botched as it stands,” said Ulster Teachers' Union President Sandra Brown. “The Minister had said the Board of the new Education Authority would mirror the current representation on the Education and Library Boards where teachers are represented, yet despite that the make-up of the EA has no seats allocated for teachers. “Now we are facing unprecedented fiscal challenges and it seems these same politicians are thrashing about wildly in an attempt to balance books. The result is that crucial decisions are being made on the back foot – they are being rushed, botched and ill-thought-out. “The Minister has stated that he believes this new EA will deliver a better service for children yet he seems willing to blithely bypass the teachers’ input, even though it is they who will have to deliver the service and who will be held accountable by pupils and parents. Credit: Belfast Telegraph


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