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Video: UN and Red Cross deliver food aid in eastern Aleppo

UNHCR and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent carried out an operation to deliver humanitarian assistance to the besieged neighborhood of Boustan al Qaser in Eastern Aleppo on April 9, following agreement with the Syrian Government and the opposition. Two trucks packed with blankets, plastic sheeting, hygiene kits and kitchen sets and food were offloaded at the last checkpoint at the outskirts of the city. UNHCR reported that the goods were then transported into the community using 54 pull-carts and 75 workers, back and forth one and a half kilometers each way and in 270 trips, for later distribution to a SARC warehouse and then soon to the needy population. A ceasefire, agreed for the duration of the operation, was fully respected by all parties. The video above features food aid being delivered. Credit: YouTube\UNHCR


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