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Video: Undertaker returns 'dead' fridge to Argos in hearse

This is one way to return a faulty household item.

Undertaker Rafael Learmonth gave the broken fridge freezer a proper send-off, as he and his team gave it a  full funeral treatment while delivering it back from a refund.

Mr Learmonth's mother had gone through numerous fridges over the last two years, so the undertaker decided to take this latest break down very seriously, he told Kent Online.

"She was given the last one in August last year. When that one failed as well I told them to give mum her money back and come and collect the fridge freezer but I was told they didn't have the right lorry or something," he said.

"The woman I was speaking to said something like 'you wouldn't deliver it in your hearse would you?'"

Rising to the challenge, he wrapped the defunct fridge in a purple pail and placed it in his hearse for its final journey back to the local Argos store, much to the bemusement of staff and customers.

"We did everything we would for a funeral," Mr Learmonth said.

Courtesy of Rafael Learmonth

Source: Irish Independent

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