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Video: Urban artist Visual Waste attracts visitors to Belfast with pop culture graffiti

By Kirsten Elder

Talented commercial street artist from Tandragee speaks on camera for the first time about his bold artwork and the increasing popularity of his work within the business world.

Visual Waste, aka Dean Kane who is best known for his standout pieces round Northern Ireland, especially round the North Street area of Belfast which seems to becoming a ‘Graffiti street’.

People have travelled from all over Europe to view his well-known eye-popping piece on Heisenberg from the hit AMC series Breaking Bad (2008-2013).

Dean said: “Just last week a lady from Paris was over in Belfast to see the piece, she had got in touch with me and I had to break the bad news to her that it was no longer here.

“I’ve had quite a lot of attention over this piece, it was painted over by another artist, this is what happens and how trends in street art keep changing, by constantly being updated.”

Belfast businesses such as art supplier Ink Monkey, Dr. Martens, The Maverick bar, The National Café and The Dirty Onion all have pieces by Visual Waste.

Ink Monkey have an entire wall that depicts what is going on in the outside world by Visual Waste, not his usual style as he ‘tries to avoid a lot of colour’ and work with ‘black and white’ and ‘small amounts of colour’ to make pieces really stand out.

Corn Market’s Dr. Martens store have the walls surrounding their staircase totally covered with Dean’s work, while he was working in the store he also put his stamp on some custom Dr. Marten boots which sadly are not for sale.

Dean never set out to make this his full-time job, he said: “One job just led to another and it just sort of happened…. I absolutely love it.”

Businesses are quickly getting on trend by hiring talented street artists such as Visual Waste to make their company stand out amongst competitors.

Dean said: “Street art is becoming its own art form and a great way for businesses to advertise and also a really efficient way of tapping into certain demographics and engaging with specific types of audiences.

“In order to take out a billboard in the City Centre I think it’s approximately £600 a month, when you could commission an artist to do a huge piece in your shop. Then people will want to come down and see it, photographic it, put it on their instagram and tag your location. Then it all spirals from here.”

The people of Belfast and farther afield will be pleased about the possibility of Visual Waste bringing back Heisenberg this Summer ‘if I get the chance to paint another Heisenberg on North Street, of course I’m going to take it.’

Look out for current pieces that Dean has just started working on in Magherafelt, Banbridge and Portadown.

For more information and to check out more of Dean’s work visit the following links, and Visual Waste on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


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