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Video: Violent road-rage attack on a Birmingham street caught on camera

A woman was caught on CCTV ferociously attacking another female motorist after she was asked to move her car from blocking a busy Birmingham street on July 30. In footage released by West Midlands Police on September 20, a woman is seen marching over to the pavement outside Birmingham’s Shalil Food Store and forcefully grabbing the 44-year-old victim before throwing her across a fruit stall.

Prior to the attack, the victim had asked the woman, who was a passenger in a VW Touran, how long she was going to stay in the spot as her car was blocking the street. According the West Midlands Police, the 44-year-old drove away and parked elsewhere but was later spotted by the passenger in the VW Touran on her walk to the shops, and was subsequently attacked.

Credit: YouTube/West Midlands Police

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