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Video: War veteran upset after Jeremy Corbyn ducks question over prosecutions of Northern Ireland Troubles soldiers

Jeremy Corbyn was accused of ducking a confrontation with a war veteran who wanted to ask the Labour leader his stance on the prosecutions of soldiers who served in Northern Ireland during the Troubles.

During a rally in York, the Labour Leader addressed thousands of supporters. However, he was later embroiled in a row with a war veteran.

Rob Gray, a former soldier who served in Northern Ireland asked if he could ask the Labour leader a question, with Mr Corbyn agreeing to "come down" from the podium to speak to the man.

Local media organisation York Mix captured Mr Gray in a confrontation with a security officer.

“I was totally respectful,” he said. “What is the position of Labour on the prosecutions of veterans in Northern Ireland?

“That’s all we wanted to ask. And he’s gone off – he knew there was a question waiting for him – he saw the beret and the medals and he went.

Courtesy of York Mix

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