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Video: Week-long Belfast Children's Festival livens up the city for the seventeenth year

Kids are promised a tidal wave of fun as the week-long Belfast Children's Festival livens up the city for the 17th year in a row. The festival, presented by Young at Art, runs from Friday 6 March to Friday 13 March with both free and paid for events round the City Centre. Festival director Ali Fitzgibbon said: “The festival really has something for everyone, it’s lots of fun with a variety of activities for Children to enjoy.”

She added: “ Cultural life in Northern Ireland is very rich and vibrant, from this children can learn what life is like, they learn to look at life in a different way.”

International artists from all over Europe will be performing on stage, there will also be dance, theatre and music events as well as workshops and special relaxed performances for children with autism and behavioral needs.

The events on over the next week are suitable for babies from one-year-old to teenagers up to 14-year-olds.

Young at Art have a pop-up shop in CastleCourt on the ground floor, where you can call in to see some of the artwork which is being showcased for the exhibition of Children’s cultural rights.

Jack Timmermans, Artistic Director of DeStilte and choreographer of the play ‘Flying Cow’ is over from Holland to take part in the festival.

Mr Timmermans said: “This play is about a lot of things, mainly fantasy and imagaintion, for me art is a necessity and children can learn and grow from it.”

Report by Kirsten Elder

Credit: Belfast Telegraph

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