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Video: World-class HEMS experts unite in Belfast for emergency response training event

Doctors, paramedics, fire crews, police officers, mountain rescue and coastguards have come together for a special showcase event in preparation of the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) in Northern Ireland.

The event was organised by Delta 7 - the Doctor John Hinds Helicopter Emergency Service (HEMS) committee - a voluntary educational group of world-class experts which was formed following the death of road racing medic - Dr John Hinds.

Dr Hinds was committed to the establishment of of an appropriately trained doctor-paramedic HEMS in NI.

The aim of the Delta 7 committee is to ensure his vision of having an effective HEMS in NI becomes a reality

RADAR (Risk Avoidance Danger Awareness Resource), a specialist £1.8m interactive safety and life skills facility based in Belfast, was the host venue for the training.

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