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Video: World Food Programme provides Ebola survivors with food rations

The World Food Programme is providing Ebola survivors with food rations when they leave the treatment facilities in Sierra Leone. They receive 60 days of rations that include rice, pulses, vegetable oil, salt and highly nutritional cereal mix, according to the WFP. The video shows survivors leaving the treatment facility in Freetown, Sierra Leone on November 11. Doctor Komba Songu-Mbriwe said some of the survivors came very close to dying, but now they are free of Ebola. The video also shows the Kamara family in Freetown on November 12 cooking with the food rations provided by WFP. Amadu Kamara shows photos of his son and wife who died from Ebola. Hawanatu Kamara, an Ebola survivor, said she was very weak where she couldn’t stand, sit or eat. After two weeks, she said, she was free of the virus and was discharged. Credit:


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