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Video: X Factor star Chico joins May McFettridge for 'Panto time' at Belfast's Grand Opera House

Former X-Factor star Chico is relishing his current role in the annual Christmas panto - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - at the Grand Opera House in Belfast.

Chico became a big hit with millions of TV viewers during the 2005 X-Factor with his performances and his 'IIt's Chico time!' catchphrase.

He plays 'Prince Chico' - who else? - in this year's show - the love interest of Snow White.

"I'm having a great time here in Belfast. People talk to me about pant now and I say, 'Look, it's not what you used to think it is.

"It's now a million-pound production with the thrills and chills and bells and whistles and everything else."

And the X-Factor?

"Without it I wouldn't be here doing this so I'm eternally grateful for it."

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