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Video: Zig and Zag are back with a brand new made in Belfast animation series on CBBC

Zig and Zag are alien twin teen brothers from the Planet Zog.

One day they were out flying around in their spaceship when they get sucked into a random black hole (it happens!) and end up crash landing in the suburbs on a strange green and blue planet called Earth. With their craft beyond repair, the brothers decide the only thing to do is plant a porch on the front of their shiny metal spaceship and called it ‘home’.

Zig and Zag was created by Ciaran Morrison and Mick O’Hara who co-wrote most of the episodes and voiced the alien brothers.

The 26 part series has already attracted celebrity fans with singer Ricky Wilson and bassist Simon Rix from The Kaiser Chiefs recording the theme tune.

Zig and Zag was animated in Belfast, it’s a co-production between Flickerpix Animations, Double Z Enterprises and Jam Media, along with broadcasters RTÉjr and CBBC.

Zig and Zag will be shown on CBBC Monday to Friday at 6pm starting on the 25 April.

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