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Watch: Beautiful video of Tyrone groom singing his bride up the aisle gets 10 million views

Niall Donnelly, the groom, was egged on by his sister to sing his beautiful bride Jill up the aisle.

Niall Donnelly said: "The whole thing was basically my sister Bronagh's idea, she brought the idea up at the rehearsal three days before the wedding. We laughed it off but the lads kinda kept talking about it."

'We wanted to put a personal stamp on as many parts of our day as we could', Niall told Belfast Telegraph.

He added: "Jill had an idea I was gonna do something stupid, she knows me well, but it was a shock to the rest of my friends and family."

The video has been viewed over 10 million times since it was uploaded to YouTube.

Courtesy of Niall Donnelly Music

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