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Watch: I can't wait to be part of 'buzzing' Windsor roar against Germany, says Jonathan Rea

The three-time world superbike champion is sure to get a top reception from the GAWA just five days after he secure his latest crown. But it's the match itself that he's most looking forward to. "Without anything going on from my side, it's just going to be so cool to be in the stadium for such a big game," he said. "I know that a lot of motorcycle fans are going to be there because they love football; there's a big crossover. "Last night I was speaking to Michael  (O'Neill) and some of the players in the hotel and the atmosphere is good. It would be really nice to scalp a point of we could. Who knows? The atmosphere will be buzzing." So what if Northern Ireland were to topple their opponents - could it match his title victory? "It wouldn't come close but it would be nice," he laughed. "The atmosphere would be better because you're in a small space with thousands of people but nothing can replace the feeling I had crossing the line, one wheel in the air knowing I was world champion - not even Northern Ireland beating Germany at Windsor Park."

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