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Watch: ProdiJIG revolutionise Irish dancing in this sensational video

“Cast off those knee high socks, throw away those frocks, and join the Irish Dance Revolution…”

That’s the tag line that comes with the newest YouTube video from Irish dancing outfit ProdiJIG.

The ground breaking dancers, led by Irish dancing star  and World Champion Alan Kenefick, are said to be “redefining” Irish dancing for the next generation.

ProdiJIG don’t do traditional. The dancers choose modern clothing over the formal traditional Irish dancing costumes and mix a variety of dance styles, including urban, hip-hop and Jazz with a few moves Micheal Jackson would approve of thrown in.

In an original show produced by Cork Opera House, choreographed and created by Alan Kenefick and directed and co-created by acclaimed theatre director Wayne Jordan, ProdiJIG: The Revolution breaks all of the rules of what you’re supposed to see, hear and feel at an Irish Dance show.

More info on the show and tickets can be found at www.corkoperahouse.ie

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