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What is 'long Covid'?

'Long Covid' sufferer Jade Townsend says her life has changed aged just 22. Leading scientist Dr Rachel Evans explains what thousands of people are experiencing, and Matt Hancock makes a statement about the novel condition in the Commons. Up to 60,000 people in the UK are suffering with debilitating long-term side effects months after contracting the virus, according to the Covid Symptom Study app. Co-leading scientist for the post-hospitalisation Covid-19 study, Dr Evans, says people suffering from long Covid are experiencing breathlessness, fatigue, and neurological problems months after their initial infection. Miss Townsend says she has been unable to work as a nursery practitioner since falling ill with the virus in mid-March due to debilitating fatigue which has persisted since, along with other symptoms. The Health Secretary says the effects of long Covid do not have 'strong correlations' with the severity of the initial infection.

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