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Woman swallows balloon to lose weight

A businesswoman who vowed to lose weight has shed three stone in four months by having a £3,700 balloon inflated in her stomach. Caroline Eardley, from Greater Manchester, weighed 15st 2lb and was a size 16-18 when she decided to change her lifestyle. The final trigger came when the subject of her weight was brought up by family members last Christmas. Caroline said she has always had a complicated relationship with food and, as she got older, she continued to struggle with her confidence. After hearing about it through a friend, in February 2020, Caroline paid £3,795 for an Elipse Balloon - is a non-surgical weight loss treatment which involves swallowing a capsule-encased balloon that is then inflated to keep the stomach feeling full. In just three months, she lost three stone, and now weighs around 11st 11lb, having continued to slim down even after the balloon passed naturally out of her body.

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