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World Cancer Day: My life as a BRCA carrier

Interview with Clarissa Foster, who has undergone two risk reducing surgeries after discovering she carried the mutated BRCA2 gene and has since written the book Understanding BRCA. She introduces herself and gives a brief summary of her diagnosis and subsequent surgery, says she suspected she may be a carrier after losing her mum to ovarian cancer, says that she vowed to write a book about her experience and her knowledge of BRCA after looking for and not finding such literature when she needed it,. She says she didn’t hesitate to have preventative surgery as she would have done anything to stop her husband and children having to watch her fight cancer as she did with her mother, talks about how her diagnosis and the surgery has changed her outlook on life and personality and talks about how Angelina Jolie's revelation that she too is a BRCA mutation carrier and has had risk reducing surgery has been an inspiration and shows you can have these procedures and still be a beautiful woman.

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