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Would-be cat burglar comes face to face with homeowner's cat

The game was up for a would-be cat burglar after he was filmed coming face to face with a real life cat while he prowled the outside of the house he was about to break into. In a video released by Nottinghamshire Police, the “feline” suspicious moggy can be seen eyeballing would-be thief Mark Lawson, 42, as he crawls cat-like on all fours around the Priory Road house in West Bridgford. After creeping around the rear of the property on his hands and knees, Lawson can be seen coming face to face with the family pet, who peered at him through a glass door. Unbeknown to him, however, he was also being watched by the homeowner, who had already called the police after being alerted to the “purr-plexing” behaviour of the intruder by a mobile phone app. The incident happened just after 6.30am on Mach 16 this year.

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