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Ain't no sunshine: Armagh Observatory records dullest July since 1986


Dodging the drizzle in soggy Belfast yesterday evening

Dodging the drizzle in soggy Belfast yesterday evening

Freddie Parkinson

Dodging the drizzle in soggy Belfast yesterday evening

Armagh has just endured the dullest July in 34 years, according to meteorologists.

Armagh Observatory reported that last month was the coldest and wettest on average since 1986.

The news comes as Northern Ireland faces two more days of weather warnings.

Daily weather observations have been recorded in the city since 1795, helping to identify long-term trends.

Readings from last month showed an average drop of 0.2C for July compared to the long-term average between 1796-2010, and 1.1C colder than the most recent 30-year average (1981-2010).

July 16 was the hottest day of the month at 22.6C, with a low of 15.2C the following day.

The rainiest July in Armagh in eight years saw 85.8mm of precipitation recorded, making it around a third higher (36%) than between 1981-2010 and 15% more than the long-term average between 1838 and 2010.

While there's no evidence of a major change in July rainfall between 1838-2010, conditions had become steadily drier in the 50-year period between 1955-2005.

But it seems soggier Julys are here to stay, with more recent monthly readings from the last 15 years showing a reversion to the long-term average.

Strong sunshine was down in July with 81.5 hours - just over half (55%) of the long-term (1881-2010) average and 60% of the most recent (1981-2010) 30-year average.

Not only has Armagh endured the dullest July for 34 years, it has also been the fourth dullest July since daily sunshine records began at the Observatory in April 1880.

Looking ahead to this week, the Met Office has forecast maximum temperatures of 23C for today, with mist and fog lifting in the morning.

With dry and sunny periods forecast for later in the day it will remain warm and humid but could stay cloudy in the west.

From tomorrow until Friday, the warm and humid weather is to continue with chances of occasional showers or thunderstorms, but there may be some spells of dry, bright weather too.

The Met Office has issued thunderstorm weather warnings for Northern Ireland for today and tomorrow.

Recent heatwave conditions in the UK have created ideal conditions for thunderstorms which will bring heavy rain and increasing risks from flash flooding, lightning and hail.

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