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Co Fermanagh village secures top spot for hottest place in Northern Ireland on hottest day of year so far

The village of Derrylin in Co Fermanagh was confirmed as the hottest spot to be in Northern Ireland on Monday on what was our warmest day this year so far.

The small townland sweltered in the highest temperature of 31.1C – only 0.2 degrees lower than the hottest ever recorded here, which was 31.3C in Castlederg, Co Tyrone, last July.

Armagh went on to reach a maximum of 30.8C in the late afternoon on Monday, as did Aldergrove in Co Antrim. 

A spokesperson for the Met Office told the Belfast Telegraph that while “we haven’t quite at this point reached as high as the temperature last year, nonetheless it was a very hot day, with temperatures reaching in the 30s across Northern Ireland”.

Temperatures were expected to very slowly decrease throughout the evening and Tuesday won’t be as hot as Monday. 

“If you live in Co Down, Armagh or eastern parts of Co Antrim, it will be around 28C or 29C and it will be a fresher day,” added the spokesperson for the UK's national weather service.

"Particularly in the west, temperatures will maybe only reach 18-20C in Fermanagh and Tyrone. That’s because there will be more cloud in general, particularly in those western areas and there’s a chance of one or two showers in the afternoon, so it will be cloudier and cooler.”


People on the beach at Portrush

People on the beach at Portrush

People on the beach at Portrush

The Met Office said the gradual reduction in heat will really kick in by Wednesday, with the majority of regions in Northern Ireland expected to be back down to between 18C and 21C, which is “close to the average” for the rest of the UK. 

“There will be a much more pleasant and fresher feel from then to the end of week. It will be mostly dry, with a mixture of light, comfortable winds and maybe the odd shower,” the spokesperson said. 

Meanwhile, the Republic recorded its hottest temperature in more than a century as parts of Dublin reached 33C, according to Met Eireann, with a status yellow, high temperature warning remaining in place across the country as it faces another day of high heat on Tuesday.

Data from Met Eireann shows that temperatures soared to 33C at Phoenix Park in the Irish capital on Monday, making it provisionally the hottest day ever recorded in July. It also breaks the high temperature record for the 21st and 20th century.

Met Eireann said: “This is only 0.3C below the all-time 135-year-old record set at Kilkenny Castle in 1887. Temperatures may still rise further.”


Crowds enjoy the hot weather at Portrush beach on Monday. Pic: Colm Lenaghan/Pacemaker

Crowds enjoy the hot weather at Portrush beach on Monday. Pic: Colm Lenaghan/Pacemaker

Crowds enjoy the hot weather at Portrush beach on Monday. Pic: Colm Lenaghan/Pacemaker

In England, flying activity was halted at RAF Brize Norton, with Sky News reporting that part of the runway had melted.

An RAF spokesman said: “During this period of extreme temperature flight safety remains our top priority, so aircraft are using alternative airfields in line with a long established plan.

“This means there is no impact on RAF operations.”

The mercury reached 36.1C at Brize Norton and 36C at Luton, where the airport’s sole runway was closed temporarily due to “surface defect”.

Footage showed a large rectangular-shaped area on the tarmac being examined by people in high-vis vests on Monday afternoon.

A statement from the Luton Airport said: “Following today’s high temperatures, a surface defect was identified on the runway.

“Engineers were called immediately to site and repair works are currently in progress to resume operations as soon as possible.

“We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused.”

Flights to and from Luton Airport were cancelled at Belfast International Airport as a result on Monday evening.

It wasn’t all chaos though, as throngs of sunseekers basked happily in the heat throughout NI across the day.

Hundreds visited Helen’s Bay in Co Down, causing public transport operator Translink to announce that train tickets to the popular beach were being temporarily suspended.

Paula (34) took a short train ride from Belfast with Natasha (31), Colin (36) and kids Carter (8) and Jacob (11), describing the train journey as “packed out”.

“The weather has definitely got warmer, since last year,” Paula told the Belfast Telegraph. “If the weather was nice here more often, I’d still go abroad. I love here too, but it’s nice to get away as well.”

Belfast couple Kevin (40) and Kristina (31) drove to catch some sun with kids Khaleesi (7) and Khal (5).

“Usually we’re away [on holidays],” said Kevin. “This is our first summer at home in 10 years. Usually we’re in America, Turkey, Italy or Spain.

“But, I’ve always said that, if the weather was like this, we’d never leave Belfast. Everything’s perfect bar the weather.”

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