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Lack of coverage of NI and use of 'Londonderry' among complaints received by Met Eireann this year


Change: Evelyn Cusask says Northern Ireland will be included in future

Change: Evelyn Cusask says Northern Ireland will be included in future

Change: Evelyn Cusask says Northern Ireland will be included in future

A lack of coverage of Northern Ireland and the use of Londonderry were among hundreds of complaints Met Eireann received this year.

The Irish meteorological service's head of forecasting Evelyn Cusack confirmed in April that Met Eireann would include Northern Ireland in future weather warnings.

Previously, when the forecaster issued a weather warning - yellow, orange or red - Northern Ireland was left grey on its map, while affected counties in the Republic appeared in colour.

Before the change came into force, Met Eireann received complaints regarding the coverage of Northern Ireland.

Complaint transcripts from the last 12 months, released to TheJournal.ie, revealed that one person called on the service to "stop ignoring" Northern Ireland.

"This is not only utterly offensive to all those who watch RTE in the north, but it is ridiculous as weather does not stop at the border," added the correspondent.

Another complaint in February stated: "I am an Irish citizen who lives 100 metres north of the imaginary border in Ireland.

"Your weather warning map, which excludes six Irish counties, is not only disgraceful, it is insulting and offensive. I'm embarrassed for you. How does the wind know to stop at this imaginary border?"

In an effort to keep itself politically neutral, Met Eireann uses both Londonderry and Derry to describe the city.

This was raised by one writer, who said: "Just realised there is a strange city called Londonderry on your map. Met Eireann, why????"

Another person, writing in Irish, asked why the language isn't available on the forecaster's website, as well as English.

Meanwhile, other complaints focused on Met Eireann's predictions to how the forecaster set alerts for weather events.

Storm Brendan battered Ireland in January and left thousands without power.

Met Eireann issued an orange weather warning for the entire country on January 12, but the previous day one person wrote complaining there was only a yellow warning in place at the time.

"I am lying here with violent winds rocking my house and there is a yellow warning, who makes this stuff up?" they wrote.

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