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Met Office Northern Ireland forecast: Showers in the picture for polling day, as province could miss mid-May heatwave





Northern Ireland voters could face some showers on polling day as the Met Office also said the province is likely to miss out on an expected mid-May heatwave.

Polling stations across the province are set to open at 7am on Thursday and for those heading to the ballot box the weather can make all the difference on the day.

A spokesperson for the Met Office confirmed that for most heading out it should be a generally dry and fine day with mild temperatures in the mid to high teens.

However, those heading to vote early or late in the west of Northern Ireland will possibly experience some showery conditions.

A Met Office spokesperson told the Belfast Telegraph: “Polling day should be okay but we are expecting a few early morning showers in the far west.

“However, it should dry up and brighten up for much of the rest of the day, although there may again be showers later right at the end of polling day around 9pm.

“If they do come, it will likely impact those in the far west of Northern Ireland.

“The good news for most is it will be dry and bright with temperatures in the mid to high teens and around 17 and possibly 18 C in some parts.”

Meanwhile, reports have emerged that the UK could face a heatwave from around mid-May, with temperatures on the rise from this coming Saturday.

A Met Office forecaster said meteorologists are not yet able to make a firm conclusion on the expected warmer weather, but he said the current outlook suggests Northern Ireland may sadly miss the hottest of the conditions.

“There are some indications temperatures across the UK are likely to continue to climb above average for a period as we go into the weekend and beyond,” the spokesperson added.

“It does however seem like the further north and west you go into Northern Ireland, you may see slightly cooler conditions.

“Of course, as usual the mildest conditions will be confined to the south-east of England where temperatures could reach the low 20s.

“It is still a bit of a waiting game for the exact picture in the rest of the country but it may be that temperatures continue to increase broadly across the UK.”

In better news, this coming weekend in Northern Ireland is likely to bring dry, bright and at times sunny spells of weather with it feeling pleasant in the sunshine and only light winds.

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