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Prolonged spell of heavy rain forecast for Northern Ireland


Heavy rain is forecast for parts of Northern Ireland

Heavy rain is forecast for parts of Northern Ireland

Heavy rain is forecast for parts of Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is in for a prolonged spell of heavy and persistent rain over the next 48 hours, the Met Office has said.

The unsettled weather for Tuesday comes as a yellow weather warning is in place here, as the most heavy rainfall is expected in areas south of Lough Neagh.

It comes as the Met Office said the UK faces a “timeline of different hazards” this week as Storm Christoph moves in, which is set to bring severe flooding to parts of mainland UK.

The British Isles has been bracing itself for a potential return of the ‘Beast from the East’ which brought chaos in 2018 with severe travel disruption.

Weather warnings for heavy rain are in force across the UK, but the unsettled conditions could also bring the risks of wind and snowfall as the storm engulfs the country through the middle of the week.

Met Office spokesman Oli Claydon said that rain is “initially” the main concern but the picture will change as low pressure could introduce colder air.

“As we go through the week and the low pressure that is bringing these fronts of rainfall that are persistent and heavy over the next few days... as that low pressure moves east and out into the North Sea, the winds will become a thing really later in the week,” he said.

“Also as the low pressure moves away it pulls down a north-westerly airflow which brings much colder air across the UK again which then presents a further risk of snow.”

Mr Claydon described the situation as “a timeline of different hazards as we go through the week but the first hazard is certainly of rain and that’s reflected in the warnings at the moment”.

The most serious weather warning - amber for rain - has been in place across parts of the Midlands and northern England since Tuesday morning, alongside less serious yellow warnings for rain across Wales, Northern Ireland, northern England and southern Scotland.

On Tuesday midday a serious incident was declared for South Yorkshire in anticipating of Storm Christoph bringing severe flooding, with sandbags delivered to homes and businesses and 11 flood alerts declared for northern England, the Midlands and the east.

For Northern Ireland, Tuesday evening will bring more periods of heavy rain, with southern areas again most affected, with the potential of snow on high ground as the temperature dips to minus 1 degrees Celsius.

The following day there will be more spells of showery weather from the east as dawn breaks, starting off Wednesday with a cloudy start. It will, however, gradually turn drier and brighter from late morning through the afternoon but it will feel more chilly as a north west wind develops.

The outlook for Thursday through to Saturday is more snow and rain showers spreading across Northern Ireland via northerly winds, which will lessen come Saturday.

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