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Storm Eunice: Northern Ireland agencies on alert for wind and snow disruption on Friday

Northern Ireland’s road and rivers team along with other agencies are on alert, with preparations being made as Storm Eunice approaches the province on Friday.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for both wind and snow in Northern Ireland.

The weather warning for wind is in place for the eastern parts of Northern Ireland between 7am and 6pm on Friday.

Another yellow weather warning for snow is already in place across Northern Ireland between 3am and 6pm on Friday.

The Department for Infrastructure has issued advice for the public to take particular care amid the disruptive weather, with confirmation their agencies have met in order to plan ahead of the weather.

They said salting on the road will take place with 130 gritters and 12 specialist snow blowers available across the network.

They have also set out arrangements to enlist the help of contractors and local farmers to assist with any snow clearing operations on local and rural roads.

The Department warned traffic disruption is possible and the public are being asked to consider their journeys and take extra care when travelling.

Their roads and rivers teams have also been checking and clearing road gullies and drainage inlet structures as necessary.

They said monitoring of water levels and tides has been ongoing and will continue until the weather warnings have elapsed.

Regional Community Resilience Groups have also been advised of weather warnings and to make appropriate preparations.

The flood incident line has been advised to expect an increased number of calls and is working to ensure it has the requisite staffing capacity for the duration of the weather events.

Public advice and reporting lines and key information below:

  • To report incidents of flooding, please contact the flooding incident line on 0300 2000 100. Calls taken by the incident line staff are passed to the relevant responding Agency.
  • You can report an obstruction on the road at https://nidirect.gov.uk/services/report-obstruction-road-or-street
  • Regular updates and advice and guidance for road users is available at: www.trafficwatchni.com
  • Advice and information on the current weather warnings is available at :[http://%20www.nidirect.gov.uk/news/strong-winds-and-snow-warning-information-and-advice] www.nidirect.gov.uk/news/strong-winds-and-snow-warning-information-and-advice
  • Further advice on driving in adverse weather conditions is also available at: www.nidirect.gov.uk/publications/driving-adverse-weather-conditions-leaflet

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