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The best spots to feel the heat as Northern Ireland temperatures to soar by Monday amid heatwave


RNLI lifeguards on duty

RNLI lifeguards on duty

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RNLI lifeguards on duty

West will be best when it comes to the hottest temperatures across Northern Ireland over the next day or two, with the Met Office confirming the mercury is set to hit 29C in some spots.

While Northern Ireland is set to miss the most stifling heat hitting England, temperatures are still expected to soar.

With Saturday a largely cloudy day, the strong sun has burned away the early morning cloud on Sunday, with a brighter and warmer day on offer all round and the perfect chance to head to one of our brilliant beaches or parks for a relaxing afternoon outside.

The Met Office has confirmed the best of the temperatures will be in the west of the province, but Belfast and parts of Co Down won’t miss out.

Temperatures on Sunday will hit highs of 26C in parts of Mid Ulster and towards the south west of the province, with a balmy and potentially uncomfortable evening for getting to sleep.

That’s a taste of things to come before Monday brings the peak of the warmth, and the potential that last year’s 31.3C record in Castlederg could be challenged.

it comes as a nationwide yellow weather alert has been issued in the Republic of Ireland, with Met Eireann warning of a risk of water-related incidents, an impact of heat stress especially for more vulnerable people, and a high UV index.

Their warning comes into effect from 6am on Sunday and lasts until 9pm on Tuesday.

Meteorologist Mark Wilson from the Met Office told the Belfast Telegraph: “As we head into Sunday, it is looking like a better day of the weekend. We are looking at increasingly bright and sunny spells.

“Looking at the temperatures into Sunday across Northern Ireland we could be seeing highs of around 25 or 26 C locally.

“Towards the west of the province is a slightly greater chance of reaching those temperatures. Around Belfast itself could also be pretty warm.

“As we head into Monday temperatures go up a bit further. We are into this area of hot air and it will be a generally dry day with plenty of sunshine.

“It will be a very warm, if not hot afternoon, with highs of around 28 possibly 29 C. Whilst it won't be anywhere near as intense as the rest of England it will still be a hot day.

“I think many people would agree they would rather be in Northern Ireland than England over these next few days.”

The forecaster said some of the hottest spots will be the likes of Strabane, Castlewellan and Belfast.

It comes as the Met Office issued the first ever red warning for exceptional heat across parts of England.

Exceptional heat is expected to affect a large part of England over the next few days, with temperatures likely in the high 30s C in some places and perhaps even reaching 40 C.

The red extreme heat national severe weather warning will cover Monday and Tuesday for parts of central, northern, eastern and southeastern England.

An amber extreme heat warning has also been in place for much of England and Wales for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday since earlier this week.

On Friday, the amber areas are also being extended to cover Cornwall, west Wales and parts of southern Scotland.

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