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UK heatwave but Northern Ireland braced for heavy rain

The UK may be in line for a week-long heat wave but sun worshippers in Northern Ireland shouldn’t get too excited as the forecast is for heavy downpours and thunderstorms over the next five days, according to weather experts.

Forecasters said that while thermometers in the province will read between 22C and 24C throughout this week, torrential rain and cloudy skies will mar the above average temperatures.

A spokeswoman for the Met Office said it will feel extremely muggy and humid throughout Northern Ireland — while parts of England are set to bask in periods of sunshine and temperatures of up to 32C. Rachel Vince advised people here wishing to soak up any sun to make their way to coastal areas as most of the rain is set to fall inland today.

“There should be sunny spells early on but as the day goes on there will be increasingly scattered showers throughout Northern Ireland which may lead to torrential downpours,” she said.

“Going into Tuesday we expect thunderstorms.

“There will be sunshine but it will be limited. The middle part of the week is much the same with above average temperatures of between 22C and 24C and muggy conditions.”

The experts predict temperatures to drop slightly to around 20C come Friday.

The good news is that the local forecast for the weekend is promising.

“Come Saturday and Sunday there will be fresher air arriving from the west and it should be more settled at the weekend with less risk of showers and more sunshine,” said Ms Vince.

“This will make it feel much more pleasant with temperatures of 20C to 21C.”

Ms Vince said the hottest place in Northern Ireland last week was Castlederg, County Tyrone, where the mercury showed a reading of 25C on Friday.

In London the temperature will rise steadily from about 29C today to about 32C by the end of the week, according to the experts.

In much of the rest of the UK temperatures will climb from about 22C on Sunday to about 29C on Friday.

Minimum night-time temperatures of 15-18C are predicted.

Various parts of England were hit by severe thunderstorms on Saturday night.

Officials had already said this summer may be warmer than the past couple of years.

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