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Weather Met Office Northern Ireland forecast: Wet weekend ahead with possible hail and thunderstorms on Friday


Warning of thunderstorms in Northern Ireland.

Warning of thunderstorms in Northern Ireland.


Warning of thunderstorms in Northern Ireland.

People across Northern Ireland can expect lower temperatures and a lot of rain over the weekend, as some may have woken up to snow and ice in certain areas on Friday morning.

There will be frequent showers across NI on Friday, which will be heavy at times and bring the risk of hail and thunderstorms, according to the Met Office.

Belfast is thought to be milder, whereas the north-west will see strong winds.

Some injuries from slips and falls on icy surfaces could occur, according to the Met’s weather forecasters. Icy patches are expected on some untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths.

A spokesperson said: “Turning colder on Friday morning and with showers pushing across the country from the west some icy stretches are likely.

“The showers may fall as sleet or snow at times, perhaps giving some small accumulations above 200 m or so.”

The national weather forecaster also advised that the chill is expected to feel as low as one or two degrees on Saturday.

Rain, sleet and snow showers are predicted throughout Friday night, with some rain initially falling as snow to quite low levels close to dawn.

Saturday is expected to be dull and wet, but is thought to gradually turn drier through the afternoon with best chance of some late brightness around northern coasts. The maximum temperature will be around eight degrees.

Severe gales and showers are predicted for Sunday and Monday will be cloudy with mostly patchy, light rain.

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