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Belfast Telegraph launches Woman section

The Belfast Telegraph website now features an extra section - Woman .

The new subsite provides everything you've always wanted to know (and some things you probably didn't) about love and sex , with advice from our resident agony aunt Fiona Hurley.

We also cover latest fashion news from home and abroad with picture galleries showing major events and world-renowned fashion weeks including London , Paris , Moscow and, of course, Belfast .

Pieces by our top female columnists such as Gail Walker , Sharon Owens and Nuala McKeever are sure to provoke a reaction. Whatever your opinion, let them know by making your voice heard in our comments forum.

Also, check out our Just Married section to see who's been getting hitched and the story behind their wedding day.

We'll be covering future events such as Woman of the Year , Runher at Stormont and in-depth news and photos of Kate Middleton and Prince William's big day including many, many photos of that all-important wedding dress.

Stay tuned...

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