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Confessions of a working mother: Home from hospital to thoughts of my mortality

By karen Ireland

Slowly but surely I am starting to rejoin the human race. I was finally released from hospital last week, but was feeling so tired that it wasn’t until the weekend when I ventured out of the house.

I’d attempt to do something like sort the washing out or empty the dishwasher, only to have to go and lie down.

I made it out briefly to the chemist, but when a discussion with my friend and I about moisturisers ended in us both being offered samples from the anti-ageing products, I decided maybe I wasn't ready for the real world after all ...

Where did I go on my first big adventure out in the real world? I ended up in church three times in one day (making up for lost time) and going on a mucky walk with three mad and filthy children — and three mad and filthy dogs.

Funnily enough, we were walking a friend's two dogs plus our Holly, and I saw each of my children's characteristics and the similarities with the three dogs.

One was a young eager pup, running all over the place without fear — definitely the Teo of the bunch. Then there was a golden Lab, more mature and obedient, but still willing to be lead astray by the other two — definitely Jesse.

And then their was our own reliable and content Holly, not venturing too far from us but not wanting to miss out on any of the fun — this was Korey.

I ended up in church three times on the one day because there was a funeral to attend wedged in between two services in my own church (the second was a healing service — apt in the circumstances). The funeral was of one of my mum's oldest friends and a neighbour of mine for 25 years. My heart broke for her five children and 15 grandchildren, who were mourning the loss of very much the matriarch of their family, the figurehead who was so much a part of everything that went on.

As is normal at a funeral, thoughts often turn to the ones gone before. I also started to think about how I would be remembered (I've been spending too much time in hospital!) and what people would say and think about me.

I then made the stupid mistake of asking a close friend how she would remember me and her response will not surprise any regular readers of this column — “a life with lots of drama with amazing highs and equally spectacular lows”.

She didn't say that there wasn't much in between, but I could tell she was thinking life with me around is a bit of a rollercoaster.

These last few weeks have certainly seen me rely on friends and family as I haven't been driving, and it hasn't been easy sorting out the hectic schedule of my children. Jesse had school play rehearsals last week at the same time as Korey had a birthday party, and then he needed picked up just as Jesse needed to be at karate.

I would have been safer hiring a taxi to take us from one thing to another, but thankfully a flurry of text messages finally had everyone sorted and delivered to where they needed to be.

Now, it's back to the normal routine for me and to finding a new balance as my health hopefully improves and I start up mum's taxi service once again.

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