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Confessions of a working mother: Tears of pride for my Easter bunny

By Karen Ireland

Well two weeks of school holidays have commenced. I was looking forward to Monday morning and not having to rush to be anywhere at any particular time and ever hopeful of a nice lie-in — of course Teo had other ideas and from 7am was up blowing a whistle in my sleepy ear and wanting to know where we were going.

With everything from swimming to indoor play centres, trips to the cinema and visit to Portballintrae on his to-do-list, it looks like it could be a long, not to mention expensive few weeks.

And lie-ins and lazing about are definitely not on Teo or Korey’s agenda.

Growing up I was never a big fan of Easter — I can’t remember if it was because it always seemed like such a sad time compared to Christmas or if I overdosed on eggs and spent the holidays being sick and having tummy ache.

In more recent years it has been another holiday time and family occasion when I have missed loved ones who are no longer around.

This year I have promised myself no wallowing — I have lots to be thankful for and a very healthy and active family to keep me on my toes.

Somewhere into the mix I have to try and get some work done as well which, if the last few days – with three small heads crowded round the lap top asking me what I am doing every time I bring it out – are anything to go by will have to happen in the evenings.

Bedtime routines, which I am normally very good and strict at, have a way of going astray during school holidays as the boys hoodwink me into later and later times (and sadly it doesn’t lead to later rising in the mornings as Monday proved).

So all this could lead to me working during the night or taking a few sneaky days off and just going with the flow during the holidays and paying for it at a later date.

Last week was a very proud week for me as after months of preparation, excitement and chat about it — it was finally time for Jesse’s acting debut and his starring role as the 2nd rabbit in the school play.

In total he had eight performances in four days — a true thespian — so we all lived and breathed Hansel and Gretel while the star himself swung between delirious excitement highs and sheer exhaustion lows.

It seems to me he certainly has the temperament to be a star!

We went to see the pantomime as a family (nanny and grandpa included) on the last night — the grand finale.

The hour and a half long show was terrific and a real testimony to the hard work and dedication of the staff and all those involved in putting on such a high quality and truly enjoyable production.

The huge amount of effort put in by some very young participants was amazing and somewhat humbling.

Almost 100 kids were involved in total including a 40-strong enthusiastic choir and each played their role and part with true gusto. Of course, I really only had eyes for the over-grown rabbit in the bright blue bunny suit happily hopping around the stage and making me burst with pride as he said every one of his five lines.

He claims he saw the tears in my eyes from the distance of the stage and wondered why I was so upset.

I had to explain they were tears of pride (I blame my mum for my out of control emotions which always get the better of me at times like this).

All in all it was a great show and a great week for Jesse — and a start towards his long-term aim to become a future Doctor Who.

Later in the week it was performance time again as we all attended the Girls Brigade Display (in our role as officers in the CLB). Another good show but as I looked around I couldn’t figure out why the mums didn’t have tears in their eyes as their mini-stars took to the floor. Then I realised not everyone is a blubbering and emotional wreak like me!

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