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Heidi Klum: Seal is hottest man

Heidi Klum says her husband Seal is the “hottest” man she has ever seen.

The German supermodel has been with the British singer for seven years, with the pair marrying in 2005. They raise four kids together, and are famous for throwing fun parties during when they renew their wedding vows annually.

Heidi says the secret to a long and happy marriage is staying attracted to your partner, revealing she still can’t believe how lucky she is to be with Seal.

“You have to marry someone who you think is really, really hot and sexy,” she explained. “To me, [Seal] is the hottest man. I still look at him, and he's hot and sexy. I still feel that, and I get the butterflies in my stomach.”

The 37-year-old added one of the reasons she works hard to stay in shape is for 47-year-old Seal. She wants them to have a free and easy relationship, and would hate to feel self-conscious about her figure in front of him.

“We work on staying hot for the other person,” she explained, while promoting her new television show Seriously Funny Kids. “You know, exercising, eating right, keeping the body in shape. I don't want to get out of the bed and be covering myself like, 'Ooh, don't look at my butt.'”

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