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Kelly Osbourne 'wants tasty treats'

Kelly Osbourne makes sure she finds tasty low-fat things to munch as she “doesn’t want to eat cardboard”.

The 26-year-old television star is looking particularly svelte nowadays, after a stint on reality show Dancing with the Stars in 2009 kick started her dramatic weight loss which has seen her drop around five dress sizes.

Kelly is adamant that she will maintain her toned physique, and says she plans to do so by making sure she sticks to tasty health food. The star sees no point in eating things which doesn’t taste nice just because they’re low in fat.

“It’s about finding your favourite things to eat that don’t have a high calorie content so your body can easily burn it off. I don’t want to eat cardboard!” she laughed in an interview with the British edition of Cosmopolitan.

Kelly also considers it fundamental that women shouldn’t deprive themselves of their favourite treats. The star thinks smaller portions are the way forward in maintaining a slender figure.

“If you really feel like having a piece of cake, cut a piece and have half of it,” she added.

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