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Amy Childs: She’s a reality show star with a boob job and no obvious talent, yet scores of young girls turned out for her visit

By Kerry McKittrick

She became famous for the classy ‘Vajazzle’ private parts adornment, is self-admittedly “fick”, but is still being seen as a role model by hordes of young women.

Amy Childs, who shot to fame on trashy reality TV show The Only Way Is Essex, had no trouble attracting a crowd of 200 admirers, mainly young girls, as she flogged her new perfume in Belfast on Wednesday.

The 22-year-old, who insists “I’m no Jordan” despite having the fake boobs, using Katie Price’s former manager and having no discernible talent, was treading the well-worn path of celebrity perfume launches at Forestside Shopping Centre, complete with high-heels, lip fillers and perma-tanned boyfriend in tow.

She even wore a daisy dress — her own creation.

Although previous personal appearances by the ultimate Essex girl attracted just a handful of fans, a couple of hundred ‘Amynators’ were there to catch a glimpse of her.

For someone whose reputation is built on beauty rather than brains, Amy certainly knew how to impress. Like her heroine Jordan she took her time with her fans, chatting and signing perfume boxes.

“You have to be nice to people and spend time with them so they'll come back next time,” she explained.

Teenagers Aimee Drummond and Claire Sweeney, both 14, queued for two hours to meet the model and businesswoman.

“We love her looks and she always seems to be really lovely, her accent is cool,” they said.

Student Aislinn Rowe (21) from Newcastle was less than impressed though.

“Today was an opportunity to meet someone you wouldn't normally get to meet,” she explained.

Amy has hit out at detractors who accuse her of following in the footsteps of glamour model Jordan.

She said: “My manager used to manage Jordan and we look alike but that's as far as it goes.

Emphasizing how the two are poles apart she added: “Our interests are completely different. I'm a beautician and I've never been a glamour model. Jordan is a horse-rider but I'm a table tennis player.”

Amy has been open about her cosmetic surgery having recently undergone a second boob job.

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