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Are men and women really the same?

Or as the book says, are men from Mars and women from Venus? Watch our video where Sy Thomas is on a mission to find out once and for all...

Those Brussels bureaucrats over at the European Union think that there is no difference between men and women if their new legislation on car insurance premiums is anything to go by. Madness, right?

We think so, so Sy Thomas has done some investigative research for Diamond car insurance, to find out the real differences between men and women. He headed to London’s Carnaby St to get your help to show why men will never pay more than £5 for a haircut and women’s DVD collections are always so small.

We put men and women to the test – Can men apply make-up like a well groomed female? And what about testing women on the offside rule? And if, as the EU say, men and women are the same, then surely men will be able to walk in women’s heels?

What about a celebrity identification test – can both sexes correctly name celebrities? And do both the sexes know who Blue Ivy Carter is?

Do you want to see the results of our tests? Are men and women from the same planet? Watch below and find out!

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