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As Dolly Parton arrives in Belfast for a huge concert, how, well-rounded is your knowledge of the undisputed Queen of Country?

By Jane Hardy

Dolly Parton has been a superstar for decades but even her most devoted fans will be tested by our quiz.

She’s got a large country voice, an impressive 42DD chest (with a little help from the surgeon) and one of the most distinctive styles of any music star. And tomorrow night, Dolly Parton will be bringing a lot of her magic to the Odyssey in Belfast.

To put you in the mood, here’s the Life section’s bumper Dolly quiz. After all, the lady does nothing by halves. By the end, you’ll know why she’s so great — and why we’ll always love her — to borrow from one of her greatest ballads. I Will Always Love You topped the country charts in the US for Dolly in 1974 and 1982.

It became a worldwide hit in 1992 when Whitney Houston sang it in the film The Bodyguard... but we will always prefer the original.

A Dolly mixture of questions to keep you guessing

1 What is Dolly Parton’s middle name — and also the title of Daphne du Maurier’s most famous novel?

2 She’s a rootin’ tootin’ OAP these days, but just when was Miss Parton born?

3 Her daddy Robert Parton was a sharecropper and famously paid the doctor who delivered his baby daughter with a sack of what?

4 How many Parton siblings did the future country star have, and where did she come in the pecking order?

5 Growing up in Locust Ridge in the Smoky Mountains, Dolly gained the material for some of her biggest hits such as In the good old days (When times were bad). How small was the family home?

6 A child performer, Dolly sang on local radio and TV and by the age of nine she made an appearance on whose show on WIVK Radio?

7 Which label did Dolly sign to at the tender age of 13?

8 Young Dolly used to admire a smartly dressed woman she saw around town and modelled her look on this lady. But what was the woman’s profession?

9 Dolly moved to Nashville in 1964 when she was 18 and first found success as a songwriter, writing two top 10 hits — Put it Off Until Tomorrow and Fuel to the Flame with which close relative?

10 Which record label did Dolly sign with in late 1965, initially as a bubble gum pop singer?

11 Which famous Country star encouraged her after they met at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville by saying, in true country style, she should follow her heart and not care what others thought?

12 Dolly met future husband Carl Dean on her first day in Nashville at which local amenity, in a twist worthy of a soap storyline?

13 How tall is Miss Parton — there is some dispute, so to within a blonde inch?

14 Carl reportedly greeted the blonde bombshell with the line “Y’all going to get sunburnt out here, little lady” but hasn’t exactly followed her career. How often is he said to have seen his wife perform?

15 What shoe size does Dolly take?

16 When was Ms Parton’s debut album, Hello, I’m Dolly, released?

17 Porter Wagoner noticed the 21-year-old singer’s potential and invited her onto his weekly country music programme — what was their first hit single together?

18 On May 30, 1966, Carl and Dolly were married but which Texan town saw them become man and wife?

19 Soon Parton’s fame began to supersede Wagoner’s (below left)and with which Biblical sounding No 1 single did she decide to go it alone, even though she went on recording duets with Wagoner for some time?

20 Dolly Parton’s two most famous assets, after her voice have been insured for how many dollars?

21 What was special about the coat described in Dolly’s 1971 hit, Coat of Many Colors, and what did Miss Parton write the song on when she couldn’t find a piece of paper?

22 Which song, dealing with her musical split with Wagoner, did Dolly Parton forbid Elvis Presley from singing when his manager Tom Parker demanded half of the publishing rights?

23 Dolly and Carl brought up five of her siblings at their Nashville home — now that they’ve got their own families and Dolly remains the matriarch, what do the next generation of Partons call her?

24 In which year did Dolly, a frequent TV guest by the mid-Seventies, get her own eponymous talk show?

25 Dolly got her first Grammy award for Best Female Country Vocal Performance, for which 1977 number about the no-good charmer who will not give up?

26 How much did Miss Parton weigh at her heaviest (in the late 1970s)?

27 What operation did Dolly undergo when she was 36 which led to a period of severe depression?

28 The Queen of Country has almost as many nicknames as she has wigs. How many can you list?

29 The lady’s known to be a tough negotiator. What condition did she make when Jane Fonda asked her to star in the 1980 movie Nine To Five?

30 In which 1980 movie starring John Travolta is there a Dolly Parton lookalike contest in Gilley’s Bar?

31 In 1986, Dollywood opened with a great fanfare in East Tennessee, but which theme park did it replace in honour of Miss Parton?

32 Which new rollercoaster costing $20m will enhance Dolly’s theme park next year?

33 In which movie, written by American playwright Robert Harling in memory of his sister, did Dolly Parton play Truvy Jones?

34 Who was Dolly referring to when she told an English journalist if anything happened to this person “it would just about kill me”?

35 Which teen pop sensation and actress is Dolly’s goddaughter?

36 How many houses does Dolly Parton own and which city contains the largest number of Parton residences?

37 When was Miss Parton inducted into the Nashville Songwriters’ Hall of Fame?

38 Which American screen writer is her distant cousin?

39 Which Dolly Parton classic did singer Olivia Newton-John cover?

40 What is Dolly’s ranking in VHI’s Greatest Women of Rock’n’Roll?

41 How well did Dolly Parton do when she entered a Dolly Parton lookalike contest?

42 Dolly Parton so hated filming Straight Talk in 1992 that she decided to stop what?

43 In 1997, a scientific experiment produced a creature the Edinburgh scientists named after Miss Parton. What was it?

44 Sesame Street introduced a Country & Western singer named Polly Darton from series 13. What are the names of her two backing singer canines?

45 Fran Brill is the Polly Darton regular but another singer belted out the classic 14 Carrot Love — who?

46 Which pseudo-religious group with extreme views threatened to protest outside Dollywood because of Miss Parton’s Gay Days?

47 Dolly Parton’s logo features an insect that represents “beauty and freedom” to borrow the singer’s words. Which one?

48 Dolly Parton was awarded lifetime membership to which chapter of girl scouts?

49 In August 2007, Dolly announced she would be starting her own record label. Which was the first record label she started in 1994?

50 Her charity work is legendary and in recent years, Dolly Parton has been boosting literacy in America, Canada and the UK via her Imagination Library project that provides children with one free book a month from birth to the age of five. Which was the first UK town to benefit?

51 Which bald yet majestic creature does Dolly Parton support through a designated sanctuary at Dollywood?

52 How old was Dolly’s mother, Avie Lee Owens Parton, when she died in 2003?

53 How much money did Dolly donate to Fort Sanders Medical Center in 2006?

54 Almost as famous for her jokes as her Country hits, Dolly once quipped that if she had one more facelift, she’d have what?

55 In 2004, Dolly Parton spoke up when the American government tried to deport a fellow singer, saying “He’s a precious man. He’s got a lot of bad press lately but I think he’s out to try to save the world, not destroy it.” Who was she talking about?

56 Which US film critic said meeting Dolly made him feel as if he was being “mesmerised by a benevolent power”, adding “I left the room in a cloud of good feeling”.

57 Still massively in demand, Dolly Parton, who has duetted with singers like Kenny Rogers (left), has been teasing us with her public announcements about wanting to sing with which meaty US chanteuse?

58 Parton has covered a few standards herself, from Baby, it’s Cold Outside to This Old House but her output has been massively raided — which left field American garage rock duo recorded Jolene as a B-side in 2000?

59 In 2006, Dolly Parton published a book titled Dolly’s Dixie Fixin’s — what kind of book was it?

60 But of course, it’s the music that counts — in half a century of singing, Dolly has amassed over 100 chart singles and seven Grammys — but how many Grammy nominations has she had?

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