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‘Beautiful’ Sam Brick is right - says popular ugly duckling

Samantha Brick’s assertion that women hate her for being beautiful is right, according to one woman who claims other females love her because she’s a ‘plain Jane’.

Fiona Duff, from Edinburgh, says the only award she could win would be Most Frumpy Mummy but says her best friends are and always have been the prettiest women around.

“While Samantha says she has struggled to make female friends because women are jealous of her beauty, I think the opposite is true for me. The fact I’m no threat in the looks league means I have always had lots of pals,” she says in the Irish Daily Mail.

“All my life I have gathered beautiful women around me like a Victorian butterfly collector,” says the women who when she catches sight of herself in the mirror, admits “it’s never a joy to behold”.

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