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Christine Bleakley gets off the TV sofa to show us all how to get fit

Christine Bleakley is a successful TV presenter, the soon-to-be wife of an England international - and now she is a fitness icon.

Ms Bleakley has joined the ranks of celebs including Danina McCall and Cindy Crawford who have all released exercise DVDs for their fans.

With her toned limbs and tight abs, the Northern Ireland TV presenter has never looked better.

And as the much-photographed fiancée of footballer Frank Lampard, the Co Down WAG knows the importance of an amazing physique.

The TV presenter is something of a fitness fanatic and was only too happy to share her workout tips with fans eager to shed the pounds and banish the bingo wings acquired over the festive season.

In the DVD, Christine Bleakley - The Workout, she explains her inspiration for keeping fit is her younger sister Nicola, who is beside her doing the routines throughout.

The DVD opens with the pair chatting about Nicola's amazing weight loss in her late teens.

Nicola explains: "I lost seven stone in a year and have kept it off so I am extremely passionate about health and fitness.

"I was about 17 or 18 when the pounds started piling on. That is when I realised I was obese."

She says she was moved to turn her life around when she was forced to wear a pair of size 24 trousers to fit her 42-inch waist on her 18th birthday.

The siblings teamed up with personal trainer Maria Fenn - who has created a range of routines for the DVD, all of which are designed especially for women.

The DVD is split into two sections - both starting off with a warm-up routine - before moving on to exercise programmes that target specific areas.

It first focuses on legs, arms, bottoms and core muscles with a painful combination of yoga, plyometrics, aerobic exercises, pilates and resistance training using just a towel.

"We all love nice arms, don't we?" remarks a smiling Christine as she sculpts her already enviable biceps and triceps.

While the trio seem fairly unfazed by the routine, it is worth noting they are all fitness fanatics - despite Christine's claim that she does not exercise regularly.

Of course, it is worth noting at this stage, this is a woman who trained for months to waterski across the English Channel for charity - and her lithe and toned figure on the DVD would certainly suggest she is no stranger to a Pilates class.

The trio then move on to a series of more energetic routines, with Maria leading them through another warm-up in preparation for the pain ahead.

Viewers are finally treated to the Bleakley Blaster and a series of interval training exercises, which promise to really get the blood pumping and burn fat fast.

It's certainly more strenuous that watching Daybreak.

Top 5 Tips

  • Warm up and cool down properly - helps prevent injury and improves flexibility
  • Interval training - Christine relied on this intensive workout technique as she prepared for her waterski challenge
  • Arm sculpting - exercises to tone the biceps and triceps and keep bingo wings at bay
  • Healthy eating - combine regular exercise with a balanced diet
  • Consult your doctor - and then follow advice on alternative exercises to avoid injury or worsening any pre-existing conditions

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