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Holly washes Rory McIlroy right out of her hair

By Maureen Coleman

Hue’s that? Experts split after Rory’s ex dumps bottled blonde look to go redhead

After a high-profile split from childhood sweetheart Rory McIlroy, it seems Holly Sweeney has washed that man right out of her hair.

The 21-year-old student — whose platinum blonde hair and eye-catching curves made her front page fodder for fashion magazines — has had an image overhaul.

She unveiled her copper locks when she appeared as a guest on RTE's Saturday Night Show to talk of the break-up and future plans.

She wore her hair swept up in a quiff and chose a classy, knee-length midnight blue frock for her first TV interview. She was earlier pictured with her red hair brushed out and dressed causally in jeans, black sweater and printed pink scarf.

The overall result was a far cry from her previous vampish look of Hollywood siren blonde hair and low-cut frocks. So what do the experts think of her new look and is she sending out some type of message?

Award-winning hairdresser Andrew Mulvenna said he believed Holly's new image was influenced by her split from Rory.

“I think this is the first step in her being taken more seriously and asserting herself as an individual,” he said.

“I really like the change and I feel she is saying she is no longer competing on a certain level, and that is good. Perhaps the change is just not far enough; truthfully she needs to go a little darker or a bit more red to balance her depth of eyebrows and tanned skin-tone.

“As a rule, copper hair and tanned skin don't really work, but I feel she will be more brave the next time she colours her hair. Well done Holly.”

But fashion stylist and editor of Katrina Doran was less impressed, describing Holly's new hue as “wishy-washy”.

She said: “When you change hair colour you need to do a total make-up overhaul too.

“She’s still doing a structured brows and black winged-out liner — this is a real Hollywood glamour look and it jars with her soft tone and grown-out shape.

“If she’s going to stick with being a redhead she needs to soften the angles on her brows and opt for brown tones on her eyes and steer clear of black.”

Katrina also said she thought she stood out as a blonde.

“I saw Holly at the races in Down Royal last year and she looked stunning,” she said. “The ice blonde hair was set in finger waves with a feather headpiece and with her super strong eyes and lips, she looked like a movie star. Now she looks like a soccer mom.”

Holly told the RTE Show’s host Brendan O'Connor of the six “fantastic” years she spent with McIlroy and that she bore no ill-will towards him.

When asked if she had a new man, she said: “I wish there was, but no. I haven't met anybody.”

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